Reading Comprehension - Beginners  

Interpretive Reading - Novice Low Level This Lesson
Quiz 1

First, read each text and review any vocabulary you are not familiar with. Next, read each question and select the best option(s) from those provided.

El Pájaro

Mi amiga Luisa y yo vamos al campo a buscar unas hojas para un trabajo de Conocimiento del Medio Ambiente. Las buscamos debajo de un gran árbol y notamos que algo se mueve por el suelo. Es un pájaro herido.

el campo - the country
Conocimiento del Medio Ambiente - Environmental Study
suelo - ground
se mueve - is moving

Why do they go to the country?
To look for leaves
To search for honey
To search for eggs

Where are they when they see something moving?
They are near a lake
They are in an open field
They are below a large tree

What do they find?
They find an injured bird
They find a small calf
They find an injured dog

Quiz 2
Quiz 3

Popular Phrase: preterite of divertirse | Spanish Verb Conjugations | Conjugated Verb: prevaler - to prevail [ click for full conjugation ]