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The research results speak for themselves: the fastest way to learn conversational Spanish is by using our free course. Following our step-by-step lessons is the quickest way to develop Spanish fluency. When students arrived at Tates Creek High School, they took our online Spanish test to asses their current level of Spanish fluency. Many were barely able to communicate in Spanish — like any student who is new to a foreign language.

By the end of six weeks, these students had made more progress than students who study for one year in a traditional classroom. They were able to converse in Spanish and they were on their way to becoming proficient. The key to these students’ success is the conversational Spanish course offered for free on

Tates Creek High School teachers understand that, in order to learn Spanish, students have to use it in a meaningful way. That means learning the language through using it while playing Spanish games and placing less emphasis on traditional teaching methods like memorization of verb charts and vocabulary.

More and more home-schooling parents and traditional schools are using our conversational Spanish course to develop students’ Spanish skills. Unlike traditional methods, where students cannot speak the language after years of study, our conversational Spanish course allow students to start speaking Spanish the first day. We encourage this by providing students with our unique Spanish sentence maker. This tools helps students quickly build over two million grammatically correct Spanish sentences. When we first introduced this tool, many teachers accused us of helping students to cheat on their homework, now many teachers use this tool in their classrooms. If you are not familiar with this unique tool, check it now..

After all these years, the educational bureaucracy has realized that it is not enough to study grammar and memorize verb conjugation tables. Student who speak Spanish in class will be able to speak Spanish in the real word. The educational bureaucracy has also realized that staying motivated is a big part of learning Spanish, and if learning Spanish is fun, then students will always want to learn more. This is why we integrated over 1,000 Spanish games into our conversational Spanish course fifteen years ago. Who knew that one learns Spanish much faster when they are having fun and using Spanish? Actually, we did.

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For those of you who want to teach yourself Spanish or any other language you can use these tips this advice to learn any language that you want to not have many people talking to me about learning Spanish that's cool and all but don't use energy to talk to me about learning Spanish as far as like you know all I wanted this so bad or you know don't talk about that just because you have to do it you have to do it so these are the tips that will help you to do it yourself if you're not taking a course so the first thing that is necessary is that you have to know what your goals are and when I say goals I'm talking about in a lot of different senses so what is your goal for learning the language so are you trying to be conversational speakers Spanish do you want to learn it in its entirety are you traveling somewhere I just wanna know those local phrases and you know if an emergency happens what is your goal. After that is established you need to have smaller goals so you need to have a long term and short term goals so what do I want to learn today what do I want to learn by this week but I also learned this month this year like things like that you really have to do this to keep you motivated because learning Spanish by yourself can get tricky sometimes can get difficult if you're not understanding something but you have to stay motivated and these goals will give you something to strive for it does not help you then you may just not learn you really have to have a desire a desire to learn second thing that we. Need to do so we have the goals we have some structure because what I've noticed about a lot of people who are teaching themselves Spanish or who are considering teaching us all Spanish is that they have no structure they have no direction you need structure you need direction and we're so used to being taught by someone else that we don't have to do so yes it will help you. You can't go to website now my website leading web logs blogs but that com will eventually be 1 of those websites right now I'm working on a lot of projects so it is not a finished project yet I haven't uploaded everything that I want on there I don't even have a fourth of the lessons that 1 sold maybe not beating with blogs yet for this purpose but I do have helpful information on there for you and I will continue to add lessons and things of that sort you can use our website to learn Spanish if you're looking for a website that you that that may help you learn Spanish I'll put that in the description for use you can check that out. Spanish Listening Practice

The second thing I think that a lot of people don't realize that this is available to them but you can go online go to Google are being whatever you use a search engine and type in a Spanish still basically gonna go spend a syllabus for 101102212 like you know any college courses because I have a syllabus and some of them are available online you can use this as a guide to direct you for what you want to learn so what you're going to learn that follow that syllabus and you have structure next thing you can do if you see my video I talk about resources or you know tools to learn Spanish you may recognize this book you may recognize is everything's Spanish both you may raft recognizes Spanish grammar book both of these books the second 1 has inside in the beginning a look a table of contents. All right table of contents right with the table of contents they're not going to steer you wrong with these workbooks they're not going to teach you something that you learn at the very into Spanish and then something sort of the middle and then beginning no they're going to teach you in a way that is effective so you can learn you can have a base and then build off of that these workbooks will definitely help you out so you're gonna need a workbook if you don't use the website if you're not gonna use the syllabus actually even if you already use those things I would still recommend getting a workbook and that's what that in my next but follow the table of contents and workbook and also follow the table of contents. Your vocabulary book as well okay as you see on the table of contents and sometimes these go hand in hand with the workbooks sometimes they don't you have to find out which categories of vocabulary to work on with the category of grammar that you're working on that's okay it may require a little bit work from you but you can do it okay so this baby is mine this brings me to my next point what is more important to you.

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Awhile back I took a survey on Snapchat asking which is more important pronunciation grammar vocabulary and there was always for the season that's why my you tube channel here I have the pronunciation series the checkout if you want to learn how to pronounce everything I do think pronunciation is important I don't think is the most important thing but it is important to know how to pronounce things in Spanish so pronunciation yes this is very important like as far as having a base but your accent your actual actually you know how I have a Dominican excellent expense that is not the most important thing because that comes along as we learn Spanish I think that both having grammar are equal and they are more important than for nineties what I think this because if you can speak with a Spanish accent but not on yours or any grammar then you don't know that that's not really nice banishes does just have an accent you're pretty much know better of and then I'll put you know in Scarface when he was pretending to be cute you have to know the vocab grammar down out of the 2 which is more important to equal like I said they're equal because when you study your grammar you're going to have to practice that was some vocabulary or vice versa if you have a cavalry you're going to have to have some going to put that into otherwise you just no words or if you know grammar thing you just know the grammar rules you don't have a chance to practice so you have to use your grammar you will clap hand in hand so here's what I mean by this so say we're working on. They're both means of people one is more on the you know permanent thing physical attributes characteristics is a lot of reasons for using is that right so you're gonna have to learn the vocabulary relates to physical descriptions characteristics of things of that sort you have to learn - linguistic search engine. So here's the work would get to give me a little bit of work out but it's not gonna give me as much vocab as I have in my vocabulary book so this is this meeting here that can help me out from learning said right from wrong said. What will this book teach me right here so this chapter 4 chapter for this okay blue book right it's.

Where is that deal with Satanists are working on your thoughts your feelings characteristics after these things of that sort right chapter 44 gold perfect with sand and the stock so sometimes you may have to go fishing around you won't be able to use the actual table of contents in chronological order but they they are separating categories you can learn the words with specific parts of your grammar book so heaven together. Pretty much you just killing 2 birds with one stone and it just feels like a 2 in one collaborative thing as opposed to others that you will have a nice day grammar nope use your practice at this is that you that you make with your book use Kavallerie from your company and by the way this is not my capable tablet book fair one his household Spanish this one is still very helpful. So but I also spend a little better because it's more Latin America terms in there as opposed to Spain and Latin America which is what this one has so you know if you don't know the difference then it may confuse you may see a Spanish word over here when you service and not an American one and so that's why I do this not my favorite but it does have a lot of useful words and some of the words are exactly the same anyways in both in both areas this is a good book is still a good book is not bad at all but when you are working on your on your grammar your book at you need a book you need an open. Write it down write down your cavalry said out loud as you write it down so you can retain it better if you don't do this it may be harder for you to we take most my next topic conjugating your sense urban too but they and you just you walking you like men only every single thing here right. Yeah after the same kinda logic goals when you're dealing with senses and conjugation don't dive in. I learned all of your contributions now what it is. I I don't recommend it the one that's going to confuse the heck out of you number 2 it just doesn't make sense really so people see these less right yeah this is all these are all the contributions all the possible contributions of one bird this case is going to say. All the possible contributions people see this and they freak out like all my gosh I have to learn this right now like I have to know all of these no you don't work on 1 at a time 110 at a time there so me to this is but.

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You know what are you what do you want to be able to converse and say everything right now but don't do that do not work in your presence. Work on perfecting that does have to be perfect perfect but get that's what grade level and then moved to your. Fig and then moved to other areas you know what I'm saying like you don't want to buy all that off at one time because this is going to be going to you more damage than it does help so work on one level get those correct because there are so many irregular forms of verbs and Spanish you just really need to take it slow work on one tenth at a time follow what the book tells you the book will not the US street like I said let's not say about that the last thing that I want to talk about is time because you guys love time people don't ask me how long to take me to learn Spanish people also like to ask me how long should I study so I guess the first question in the video my frequently asked questions video but also you in about 2 years to learn Spanish 2.5 years to learn Spanish but for years to get over my fear of speaking with native cells because my friends all right love notes to. Right there whatever in Spanish I wasn't afraid to talk to everybody the people that I knew only spoke Spanish I didn't speak them until 4 years later so don't follow my example number one you can learn with fast I mean number to speak from the get go like don't be afraid mystics will might not want to talk to you because you don't speak Spanish that's okay it happens sometimes some people don't like to speak to Spanish because I don't talk in this perfect either it's just how people are. But some people like myself and others like me are not and I want to work with you sold you know just try try and I'm not saying you have to jump in I guess I don't know a whole since is at one time but. Spend time really thinking about what things are Spanish so instead of taking of.

Have a table right here right something this as a table I'm going to think of it as I messed up but that's once I learn a mobile cavities so once you learn something in your vocabulary stop thinking of it in English think of it as that Spanish name okay you're not going to lose your nose is a freedom whose name list you're not going to lose our okay so is he just not thinking of the objects and the things that you learn. In Spanish think of them as such in Spanish no morning this will definitely help okay but I don't think with time I know it doesn't seem like I'm talking about the time right now but I am with time is now you put in a certain amount of time. And just be done like I don't know first at least not at least in my opinion I think that studying to be an awful time thing now. When I say studying don't think of me talking about sitting down right evil kind of the year in your okay but it will be just reading the words over the words over and over and over again that's not what I mean when I say studying I'm talking about actually actively learning with your with the Spanish that you are working on so what I would do is you know my video or talk about fun ways to learn Spanish I used all of those ways soul writing poetry writing stuff in prose reading stuff that may be related to it read kids books you'll spend time reading kids books it may seem weird because you're an adult but the event was like 2 years ago I was reading his book to my to my children in Spanish and their life worse now than I did not know when I'm like this is a kids book so no like don't feel bad read kids books you can still learn from them as well. But if you want to spend your free time learning and also you know when you are starting just make it fun spend time actually doing something like I still doesn't do no matter it down but not that size so all that music I've my little bit of rock is somebody that in Spanish watch what they'll let us you know watch certain movies as bad as you wanted to be in all the time being so as much Spanish as you can use as much pressure as you can learn as often as you can okay so I don't agree with the whole state for in our state for 2:00 hours. Good because your brain has to adjust all of it. I mean if you want it that way that's fine I used to spend about 2 to 3 days on 40 words and then I would want the next category. That is our but. But speaking of time you have to take the time to review all of that all over again site in just 2 to 3 days and that was it and I'm done no 2 to 3 days been wondering category and then go back to that first category again and we we stay those words every now and then to make sure that I did not forget and then it became second nature and then almost done studies that's just how it worked for me you can do less words maybe 15 to 20 every 23 days in that manner and you know cause revealed. This was really going to get you there you have to review yes review and you have to utilize what you're doing so that's why I say and used to be it all the time because after you do you can utilize it by naming off the stuff that you just learn or making a song about it making a game out of if you're playing with friends flashcards I mean you guys know how to study I'll tell you how to study so yeah this. How long did you study. All really all the time.

Popular Phrase: how do you say | Vocabulary | Conjugated Verb: canturrear - to sing softly to oneself [ click for full conjugation ]