Spanish Clinical Interview  

Medical Spanish Spanish Clinical Interview

The purpose of the course presented here is to increase the medical professional’s comfort level with Spanish-language interviews and examinations. The course provides thousands of typical dialogues between patient and medical professional in Spanish. Patient interviews and discussion of common diagnosis, treatment plans, and patient education are presented in both Spanish and English. Successful completion of this course will allow the medical professional to communicate with the Spanish-speaking patient population which has grown exponentially over the past few years.

Upon completion of this course, the medical professional will be able to:

  • introduce herself to the patient, confirm the patient’s identity and identify the chief complaint.
  • perform a history of present illness in Spanish
  • perform a review of systems in Spanish
  • perform medical history, surgical history, social history, sexual history, and family history in Spanish
  • request the patient’s medication list and allergy history in Spanish
  • understand the information provided by the patient in Spanish
  • develop Spanish follow-up questions to the patient’s responses to questions
  • develop Spanish responses to the patient’s questions
  • synthesize the information provided in Spanish into a differential diagnosis
  • construct a diagnostic testing plan and treatment plan for the patient
  • communicate the plan of care to the patient in Spanish
  • promote patient compliance by directing patient to additional Spanish resources concerning treatment options and follow-up care

Popular Phrase: how to say january | Spanish Adverbs | Conjugated Verb: exagerar - to exaggerate [ click for full conjugation ]