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Our game-like Spanish lessons are scientifically proven to be very effective to teaching Spanish for beginners. Both beginning and advanced students will benefit from fun quizzes and games developed to practice your listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our Spanish lessons are designed to provide many cognitive benefits. Extensive research proves that multilingual people have elevated memory, planning, and multi-tasking skills. When learning Spanish as a second language, the brain is trained to attend to salient information and to disregard non-pertinent information. This results in the ability to focus more intensely, remember more clearly, plan more carefully and multitask more effectively. Research shows that multilingual people use their brains more efficiently than monolinguals and outperform monolinguals on a variety of tests. Anyone who has completed a few of our free Spanish lessons online in our Spanish for Beginners section knows how much easier it is to learn while playing our huge variety of online Spanish games.

I want this video to be prominently in English though because I assume that those who are watching our people who only speak English who want to learn Spanish if that makes sense yeah basically I started learning whatever I was 16 the title says 3 minds here on this video because that is the bulk of time that I feel it truly took me to be at the level where I could respond back and forth to someone without like having issues I can fully understand what they were saying and actually speak. Back to them without any issues like I said in my retail job and stuff like that but I know you guys you're the same ideas all the time I've been learning for like 78 years since I was 16 tell now that's actually dating as actually 11 years so I've been speaking it for a really long time but at the beginning when I first dedicated myself knowing that I wanted to be fluent I made the most progress in 3 months I know some people say that's crazy it takes a year to learn it takes 6 months to learn now you know how much time it takes to learn is the amount of time that you put on yourself if you're dedicated in your consistent you can learn as quick as you want and you you guys already know all my videos about positivity in the law of attraction and what I believe you have a goal and you have in your mind you're going to achieve that goal within a certain time frame you can 100 percent do it.

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Free Spanish Lessons Online

I know that science and there's so many resources that say online it's proven that you have to learn a new language before the age of 5 so your memory can retain the information that's B. S. I'm living proof because I started learning at 16 so don't ever let someone tell you that you are too old to start learning I think is that something that you're passionate about and you're willing to invest your time into learning and being consistent you can totally do it so honestly be I hope this video is not boring it's pretty much just 1 tip I have for you guys but that all share my whole story basically the way that I learned so quickly as I fully submerged myself in the Spanish language and I've researched videos like this on you too I watched a ton of them and everyone says they went overseas to travel or they went to stay with a family who only spoke Spanish I know a lot of you can't do that and you're probably just here in the United States or every you're watching from and I totally get that I have a son as well I can't just leave and go to another country although that is the quickest way to learn the way that I learned the fastest within 3 months was that I was dating someone in high school who spoke Spanish so I asked him to only speak to me in Spanish no English whatsoever which is super super tough but it really pushes you to actually think about your responses and learn words and sentences and phrases and they call on the chosen Spanish like little sayings it pushes you so. So much to learn quicker I put every radio station in my car I would put it on Spanish music I would come home from work every single night and when I lived at cal state San Marcos and lived in the dorms actually when I went to my first 2 years of college I would always come home from work I remember I go to my school classes all day I would go work at American Eagle sometimes I work at radio shack I know right like really weird job I worked at radio shack in American Eagle simultaneously it was taking credits at school I'm gonna get radio shack close at 9 and get off at 9:00 PM and rushed home and I would watch my favorite novellus until I fell asleep so I put all of my TV in Spanish which are like the PCS and like all TV all movies like I said No Way last I would have all my friends who spoke Spanish speak to me only in Spanish.

I took 4 years of a Spanish language in high school I took the 3 main whatever is the are the first like 3 classes and then the last one was AP Spanish which is a huge recommendation I have to you guys if you really want to learn the language push yourself in in role in AP Spanish that was one of the hardest classes I've ever taken in my life it is really really hard and it pushes you so so much like I had to do so much studying and it is very tough because that class is intended for native speakers so I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone to join that class that's also where I really found that my accent developed a lot I whenever I speak Spanish now in public or meet someone new people always tell me like wow okay sympathy and is it on their ace because my accent is so prominent in English that means like what a what is it like what an accent you have like where you from anytime I start speaking Spanish people always ask where I'm from and they think I'm from Mexico that's because all of my friends who I learned from and people who've been around me I've been surrounded pretty much all my friends speak Spanish in high school and in college which is really cool so they all helped me learn so much but they were all from different cities in Mexico so that is kind of the accent that I adopted I know if you're from Spain the accent is very different they use both something else instead of no so through. Like here we would say no vamos over there they would say it boss what what do they say most most most I think so some of it is different some of the pronouns and stuff like that are different but yeah where I learned I know they do have a a very heavy like Mexican accent I'm totally fine with that I have so much love for Mexico I've been there a few times I'm on vacation with my family and you guys already now I love speaking Spanish I talk about in my queue days all the time the food the people the culture dancing you know your girl got a little late but check back yeah and they're like I'm all about it so I think it was because I fell so in love with the Spanish language that I just after I started learning a little bit and I could kind of converse with people I was like I got to go all the way like I need to know how to.

Free Spanish lessons Beginners

No hold a full conversation and there's been so many times that it's been so helpful not only find to speak but actually helpful I've helped a few people throughout the years at pharmacies who cut into get their medication there was like a few older an older gentleman in and out his wife the only spoke Spanish and I was able to communicate with the pharmacist for them because he didn't know Spanish and just certain times where you find that it's so nice when you are fluent in a way that you're able to help others there is nothing like more fulfilling than that. Free Alternative to I'm in now I get to teach my son which is crazy a lot of you ask if I'm teaching Christian of course let me see let die he's got to know if I took all that time to learn of course I'm gonna be teaching him I think I'll have so much more of an advantage in life no matter as he grows up what profession you choose is I think knowing a second language is always so an official I think for me to just living here in southern California we are so geographically close to Mexico that so many people here like in the public speaks Spanish so it's really cool it's like kind of always surrounding me but a lot of you asked how I retain the language and how I don't lose it because I don't I can't speak to my family in Spanish they don't know anything I can't even have like a sentence conversation like they really you know they really don't know like nat so I actually still watch tons of Spanish you phone me on Twitter I'm always ask you guys you recommendations for like no no they last and movies in Spanish my favorites right now ours in your mail cellos and seen send us your body so anything would come of the Los.

I will review the website and we'll see why this is my absolute favorite but I'm just in love with like Spanish movies and shows and that's how I actually make sure they don't lose what I've learned because I worked so hard to be fluent I am constantly trying to challenge myself and read stuff in Spanish I do know how to read and write as well which is a bonus of learning in school because a lot of people when they grow up I'm not sure if that your parents actually teach you how to write everything out with all of the accent marks and everything so that's something I learned in school see I because I took so many classes in Spanish I did learn everything like the proper way I don't know a lot of like slaying. I mean I know some because of friends I've hung out with over the years but I definitely learned learned it the more like correctly grammatical way which is fine with me that's really good for like the work place and stuff like that so I would definitely say take as many classes in Spanish in school that you cannot also the hardest class I ever took in my life was at cal state San Marcos it was called to spend your battery linguist.

Free Spanish lessons Beginners

I told this story before but I walked in the class on the first day and the professor like pulled me aside and he was like are you sure you're in the right class are you sure you want to be here like where you from girl because I know I look white but he was like wait she must be Mexican or like speak Spanish be a native speaker because the class was for native speakers only I was the only white person in that class I can I may I felt very intimidated but I was so proud of myself that I push myself to sign up for that class because bad here is that's when I like I learned so much in such a quick time period there was not one word of English spoken in the class it pushed me so so so much if you are scared to sign up for a class like that or you're on the cusp of signing up and you think you're almost ready I'm telling you just push yourself and do it it will be so hard I had to read in front of the class so many times and it was it was really really tough but it helped me so much and everyone in the class I was intimidated to be in that class but they all ended up being my friends and throughout the semester they all would give me so much credit and so much props because they ever knew that I wasn't Mexican or anything and they would just be like down this this white girl here is trying to be on our level and learn like they had a lot of respect for me because I have so much respect for their language that like I felt like with it which is why I dedicate all that time to learning it so everyone ended up supporting me and stuff which is cool but it was hard as hell so I really recommend that you guys as well.

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Today I'm excited I'm doing a video that has been requested for so so long pretty much ever since I started making YouTube videos and I told you guys that I spoke Spanish immediately I have just always had so many questions about why how I learned what resources I used to learn how I learned so fast why my accent is so prominent so many things just regarding the language of Spanish and if you know me you know that I am in love with speaking Spanish I think it is such a beautiful language so much more beautiful than English and I just absolutely fell in love with the culture the music I watch tons of Spanish TV I've been to a lot of Spanish concerts and it just fascinates me it's something I fell in love with years ago and decided to really dedicate myself to completely learning the language all the way through so I could be fluent I'm at the time I was working a retail job before I did you too bye actually had maybe like 6 to 7 retail jobs. I can say that fluently speaking the language has helped me so much in the workplace and being able to communicate with other people and I just find that it's really cool being bilingual it was always just a goal of mine that I had that I wanted to push myself to be really consistent dedicated on learning to get to that fluency level see I'm excited to share the guys my story of how I learned and give you some tips and tricks that can probably help you to learn the English language a little bit quicker. This is the best website I have found to help me improve my writing: linguistic search engine Be sure your subscribe to my channel give this video a like if you're interested anymore videos of me like fluently speaking Spanish media do a queue in a or something.

I also will link down below just some basic books and other things you can get on Amazon to help you learn I just keep these around the house if I forget how to say a word or a sentence or phrase this one here is me about our us by meeting place so there's over 1000 words in here that you can learn there's also courses online and. I have never taken like Rosetta stone or anything people always ask me I think the best way like I said it's just human interaction speaking Spanish back and forth learning and then however much time you're able to dedicate every day every night get a set of flash cards that tell you really basic stuff words pronunciation speak it a lot I'm really just surrounding yourself with the language is like my number one only 10 and again I know a lot of us can't just like go overseas like live with a host family and like learn really fast so if you're still at home here and you know your family doesn't know like I said put on the TV and Spanish put on the news in Spanish every time you're in the car just go to Spotify or YouTube and search for it songs that are in Spanish anything you can do to where you're hearing the language as much as you can and then you're speaking as much as you can literally being surrounded by it is the way that you will learn the fastest guaranteed if you can't go on a vacation or you can go somewhere where they only probably speak Spanish that's even better good for you I've heard of people who learn in like a month which is insane or at like who will get so much knowledge in just a few weeks you'd be so surprised how quickly you pick it up when no one around you is speaking a word of English.

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It so much quicker so for me I was just really blessed to have pretty much all my best friends in high school they all spoke Spanish so I just had them only talk to me in Spanish no English really push myself and I just fully submerged myself in the language and yeah like to this day I'm so happy I learned it's a huge accomplishment I'm really proud of myself that I did it yeah to everyone always asks me like out of all the languages in the world and sign language like why Spanish but it's like Mexico is right here I live in Callie like I said pretty much everyone knows Spanish like why not and again it was so helpful in my retail jobs and stuff like that and on top I just think Spanish is the sexiest most beautiful language ever I don't know I'm sure I will get hit on this because I'm not saying which is like a weird anything but English if you like I love you and then in Spanish if you like they have a way so that more than you do that that is the question by siempre. I don't know I feel like it's so much more beautiful. I don't know I think Spanish is just the language of love and I love it so I just dedicated myself told myself in my mind I am dedicating to being fully bilingual this will happen I'm gonna put in the work I'm gonna put in the time and the dedication if you guys can put in 30 minutes to an hour every single day even the more the better but as much time as you put in you're gonna learn quicker the more the time investment you are able to put in so yeah that is pretty much it I'll leave some resources down below such as books and other things you guys can listen to I will list down below my favorite shows and my favorites singers who actually they have amazing Spanish albums that you guys can listen to so please reference that.

I get a little nervous when I speak Spanish I want to make sure I say everything right in my voice kind of goes up at the end and I sound like. I don't know I just sound a little like. I don't even know word like. Preppy I guess I don't have like a some weird so I'd love to do another video in Spanish now that I'm more comfortable speaking the language so if there's anything you guys want to see please let me know.

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