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Is there a cost to use 123TeachMe?

No. 123TeachMe provides more FREE resources for learning Spanish than any other website in the world.

May I use the resources of 123TeachMe in my classroom?

123TeachMe is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art learning applications and teacher tools. Our products are designed to meet the needs of the connected classroom and individual learners worldwide. The website offers 500 Spanish lessons, more than 3,000 quizzes, hundreds of games, and over 50,000 mp3 audio files which range from novice to superior level.

Teachers around the world rely on 123TeachMe to enrich the educational experience before, during and after class. 123TeachMe increases in-class participation and provides an enhanced out-of-class experience for each student. Students learn on their phones, tablets and laptops, wherever and whenever they choose.

Do you teach the Spanish used in Spain or the Spanish used in Mexico and South America?

A different Spanish is spoken in every part of the world. The majority of our resources feature a neutral, standard Spanish which should be understood by most well-educated Spanish speakers.

Only 10% of Spanish speakers live in Spain. Many people who live in Spain do not even consider themselves Spanish! A variety of languages are spoken in Spain:
Aranese is spoken mainly in the Pyrenean comarca of the Aran Valley (Val d'Aran), Basque, is spoken in the Basque Country and northern Navarre, Catalan is spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Galician is spoken Galicia. It is also spoken without official recognition in the adjacent western parts of the Principality of Asturias and Castile and León.

I need to learn basic Spanish. Where do I begin?

You came to the correct website! If you have NEVER studied Spanish before, our Spanish for Beginners - Spanish 101 lessons were designed precisely for you! If it has been a while since you have studied Spanish or if you just want to take your Spanish to the next level, then review the use of the most common Spanish verbs.

I would like for my children to learn Spanish. Can you help?

Absolutely! We offer thousands of resources specifically for children. These resources were developed by children for children. You will find them in our learn Spanish for kids section!

Will I learn Spanish quickly with 123TeachMe?

123TeachMe uses a non-linear learning model. "So, what is non-linear learning? On one level, non-linear learning is the way that we naturally learned for a couple of hundred thousand years. In nature, linear learning doesn’t exist. People didn’t learn to swim or hunt in a linear way – through a staggered, textbook process. We learned instead by doing, through direct experience, through dealing with things as they arose, and through discovering what it was that was important at the time. But most of all, we learned through making connections between stuff we already knew and the stuff we didn't. This meant we actively constructed the knowledge as we needed it. It was all very subjective and individual and not linear." -- Ken Carroll, December 13, 2007

Language acquisition is much faster with a non-linear learning model. Peter Hirst, Director of Executive Education at MIT states, "The digital learning experience is becoming really a collection of inter-related learning nuggets, that you might take very different paths through, depending who you are and what your needs are, and how you learn most effectively. "

When one is learning a language, the brain searches for patterns and connections in order to build meaning. A linear learning model, with resources compartmentalized into separate areas, does NOT provide meaningful patterns and connections. However, a non-linear learning model promotes this type of brain growth and development. The National Association of State Boards of Education proclaims that “the balanced, integrated curriculum is based on best knowledge” of how we all learn. The innovative teaching methods developed by 123TeachMe are based on best knowledge of language acquisition.


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How do I log into your website?

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How do I subscribe to your website?

Simply go to our subscription page and click on the big blue button.

Teachers can greatly enhance the experience of their students by subscribing to the website. Subscribers see NO advertising! A subscription developed exclusively for teachers will allow you to legally share thousands of pages of premium content with ALL your students!

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