Interpretive Listening - Intermediate  

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First, listen carefully to each audio. If necessary, listen to the audio several more times until you grasp the main idea. Next, review any vocabulary you are not familiar with. Finally, read each question and select the best answer(s) from those provided. The Spanish transcript is provided in case you have difficulty, but remember that this is a listening comprehension exercise.

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¿Cuál es tu bebida favorita? ¿Te gusta la cerveza? ¿Qué tipo de cerveza te gusta tomar? ¿Consumes alcohol?


sector - area

animarnos - cheer ourselves up

charla - chat

tirémonos - let's lie down

malta - malt (germinated and toasted barley)

dejo - taste


Popular Phrase: affirmative tu commands worksheet | Kids' Spanish Resources | Conjugated Verb: promulgar - enact [ click for full conjugation ]