Expressing Superiority & Inferiority  

Grammar Making Comparisons Superiority & Inferiority

Comparatives are the comparison of one person or thing to another. There are three types: superiority, inferiority and equality.

superiority - más... (que) - more... than or ____er than
inferiority - menos... (que) - less/fewer... than
equality - we will study in the next section.

temprano - early
más temprano - earlier
menos temprano - less early

aprisa - quickly
más aprisa - more quickly
menos aprisa - less quickly

Let's look at some example sentences:

Es el menos confortable y es el más caro.
It's the least comfortable and the most expensive.

El autocar cuesta menos caro que el tren.
The bus is less expensive than the train.

Él anda más aprisa que ella.
He walks faster than she.

Ayer, tuve más dinero que usted.
Yesterday, I had more money than you.

Cristina trabaja menos que Jorge.
Cristina works less than Jorge.

Los carros son menos largos que los camiones.
Cars are less long than trucks.

Video - Expressing Superiority and Inferiority

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