Demonstrative Adjectives  

Grammar Spanish Adjectives Demonstrative Adjectives

A demonstrative adjective always accompanies a noun. In the phrase, "Este carro (this car)", the demonstrative adjective, "este", explains which car you are talking about (this car).

Singular Plural
este estos this, these (m)
esta estas this, these (f)
ese esos that, those (m)
esa esas that, those (f)
aquel aquellos that over there, those over there (m)
aquella aquellas that over there, those over there (f)

m - masculine
f - feminine

Let's look at some example sentences.

Este libro es bueno.
This book is good.

Estos platos son grandes.
These plates are big.

Quiero enviar esta postal.
I want to send this postcard.

Quiero estas revistas.
I want these magazines.

Quiero aquel coche.
I want that car. (over there)

Quiero aquellos periódicos.
I want those newspapers. (over there)

Quiero aquella silla.
I want that chair. (over there)

Quiero aquellas faldas.
I want those skirts. (over there)

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