Comparisons of Equality  

Grammar Making Comparisons Comparisons of Equality

To make comparisons of equality using adjectives and adverbs we use the formula:

tan + adjective + como
tan + adverb + como
tantos(as) + noun + como
tanto(a) + noun + como

When using an adjective you need to be sure it agrees with the first noun mentioned.


Las niñas son tan juguetonas como los niños.
Girls are as playful as boys.

Los niños son tan juguetones como las niñas.
Boys are as playful as girls.

[ comparisons using adjectives & adverbs ]

To make comparisons of equality using nouns we use the formula:

tanto/tanta/tantos/tantas + noun + como

Tanto agrees with the noun in number and gender:

Ya no tengo tanta energía como antes.
I don't have as much energy as before.

Tienes tantos libros como una biblioteca.
You have as many books as a library (does).

[ comparisons using nouns ]

To make comparisons of equality using verbs we use the formula:

verb + tanto como

Expressions with verbs show no agreement:

Juan trabaja tanto como yo.
Juan Works as much as I do.

[ comparisons using verbs ]


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