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Estoy mareado. Necesito aire fresco.
I am dizzy. I need fresh air.
estar mareado
to be dizzy
Deja de menearme que me voy a marear.
Stop shaking me, I'll get nauseous.
Me he desmayado.
I fainted.
Marco de conjunto no quiere decir «marear la perdiz», pues, al escuchar al Consejo, he sentido cierta incertidumbre.
An overall framework does not mean evading the issue, as I began to doubt upon hearing the views of the Council.
Es una locura marear tanto a los animales tanto antes de sacrificarlos.
It is crazy to drag animals around for so long before they are slaughtered.
Aquí es donde se nos plantea un problema, un dilema, que deberíamos abordar abiertamente en lugar de marear la perdiz.
This is where we have a problem, a dilemma, and it is one that we should address frankly instead of beating about the bush.

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