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¿A qué hora concluyó la reunión?
At what time did the meeting finish?
No hay soldados en este área. La operación de retirada ha concluido.
There are no soldiers in this area. The withdrawal operation has concluded.
Permítanme concluir con esto.
Let me conclude with that.
Me temo que debemos concluir.
I am afraid that I am going to have to draw things to a close now.
Y voy a concluir.
I am about to finish.
Queremos concluir la Agenda.
We remain determined to conclude Agenda 2000.
Y, para concluir, algo revelador.
One last but illustrative point.
Quisiera concluir con tres puntos.
I should like to conclude by mentioning three points.
Este proyecto está próximo a concluir.
This project is nearly finished.
Es importante concluir este asunto.
It is important to bring this matter to a conclusion.
Permítanme concluir haciendo tres observaciones.
Let me conclude by making three remarks.
Permítanme concluir con el calendario.
Let me conclude with the timetable.
Quiero concluir planteando tres sugerencias:
I will conclude by making three suggestions:
Pero podemos concluir la propuesta.
But we can finalise this proposal.
Un último comentario para concluir.
One further comment in conclusion.
Me gustaría concluir con tres mensajes.
I would like to conclude with three messages.
Me gustaría concluir con una petición.
I would like to conclude with a request.
Permítanme concluir con una valoración.
Let me conclude with an appraisal.
Dos observaciones finales para concluir.
I would like to finish with two remarks.
Me gustaría concluir con esa nota.
I would like to conclude on that note.
Me gustaría concluir con varias cuestiones.
I should like to conclude on several issues.
Ahora debemos concluir las negociaciones.
Now we need to bring the negotiations to a conclusion.
Me gustaría concluir señalando lo siguiente.
I would like to conclude by pointing out the following.
Voy a concluir ya, señor Presidente.
I will end here, Mr President.
Una observación antes de concluir.
Just one more word before I finish.
Voy a concluir, pues, muy rápidamente.
I will very rapidly conclude therefore.
Una observación para concluir, Presidente.
One thing to conclude, Mr President.
Por tanto, hay que concluir.
So we have to reach agreement.
Tenemos que concluir el debate.
We have to conclude the debate.
Antes de concluir, señora Presidenta, un punto.
Let me make one more point before concluding, Madam President.
A usted, señora Presidenta, le ha tocado concluir.
Madam President, it falls to you to conclude.
Debemos concluir de forma adecuada semejante cuestión.
We must bring these matters to a sound conclusion.
Para finalizar, me gustaría concluir con un deseo.
Lastly, I would like to end with a wish.
Podemos concluir que el sistema existe.
We can conclude that the system exists.
Esperamos que podamos concluir hoy este documento.
What we are actually hoping for is that we can complete this document today.
Esta labor va a tardar bastante en concluir.
It is going to take a long time to complete this work.
Permítanme concluir con una nota moderadamente crítica.
Please permit me to conclude on a note of mild criticism.
Me gustaría concluir con varias observaciones críticas.
I would like to finish off with a few critical remarks.
Permítanme concluir dirigiendo una petición al Consejo.
Let me conclude by addressing a request to the Council.
Me gustaría concluir con los países candidatos.
I should like to finish with the candidate countries.
Quisiera concluir realizando una observación más.
I would like to conclude by making one further point.
Quisiera concluir mi intervención con dos comentarios.
I should like to conclude my speech with two comments.
Permítame concluir, señor Comisario, presentándole una petición.
Let me conclude, Commissioner, by putting a request to you.
Para concluir, le planteo una pregunta.
I will conclude by putting a question to you.
¿Puedo hacer otra observación para concluir?
May I make one further remark in conclusion?
Será muchísimo más difícil concluir la Constitución.
It will be far more difficult to finalise the Constitution.
Permítanme concluir diciendo algo sobre Chipre.
Let me close by saying something about Cyprus.
Permítanme tratar una cuestión para concluir.
Let me make one point in conclusion.
Ahora quisiera concluir el Turno de Preguntas.
I would now like to conclude Question Time.
Quiero concluir diciendo una cosa más.
I want to conclude by saying something else.
Quiero concluir con una observación general.
I should like to conclude with a general observation.
   . Señor Presidente, intervendré muy brevemente para concluir.
   Mr President, I shall conclude very briefly.

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