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Si fuese un gasto necesario lo asumiríamos.
If it were a necessary expense, we'd take it on.
Pienso asumir lo que he hecho.
I plan to come to terms with what I have done.
Debemos asumir nuestras responsabilidades.
We must take on our responsibilities.
No podemos asumir esta responsabilidad.
We cannot take over this responsibility.
¡Vamos a asumir esa responsabilidad!
Let us take that responsibility!
No puedo asumir esa responsabilidad.
I cannot assume this responsibility.
No debemos asumir riesgos desproporcionados.
We should not take disproportionate risks.
Debemos asumir esta responsabilidad.
They must shoulder this responsibility.
Tenemos que asumir esto.
We have to deal with that.
Europa debe asumir este reto.
Europe must support such a moratorium unequivocally.
Hay que saber asumir riesgos.
We must be able to take risks.
Hemos decidido asumir nuestra responsabilidad.
We have woken up to our responsibility.
Tenemos que asumir nuestras responsabilidades.
We must assume our responsibilities.
Debemos asumir esta situación claramente.
We have to acknowledge this fact clearly.
Hay que asumir responsabilidades políticas.
There are political responsibilities to be accepted.
Aprendan primero a asumir sus responsabilidades, aprendan a gobernar.
First of all, learn to take responsibility, learn to govern.
Si usted desea asumir ese riesgo, asúmalo.
If you want to run this risk, do so.
Aquí hay que asumir una vigilancia.
We must also be careful in this respect.
Ahora tenemos que asumir las consecuencias, ¡comunitariamente!
And now we must bear the consequences - as a Community!
Nosotros debemos asumir nuestras responsabilidades como políticos.
We as politicians must take our responsibility.
Estos deben asumir su parte de culpa.
They too must take their share of the blame.
Ahora bien, tenemos que asumir ese compromiso.
We must, however, be able to live with this compromise.
No creo que podamos asumir otra postura.
I do not believe we can take any other stance.
¿Es un riesgo que puede usted asumir?
Is this a risk you can take?
Se pueden asumir total o parcialmente.
These can be taken either wholly or partially into account.
Kosovo deberá asumir la responsabilidad a nivel local.
Kosovo itself should assume local ownership and take responsibility.
Alguien tendrá que asumir la responsabilidad política.
Somebody will have to take the political responsibility.
El programa puede asumir parte del mérito.
The programme can take some of the credit for this.
Nos limitamos a retroceder y asumir la crítica.
We merely stand back and take the criticism.
Todas las instituciones deben asumir responsabilidades.
All the institutions have to take responsibility.
Europa tiene una responsabilidad que asumir.
Europe has a responsibility to fulfil.
Seguro que no desean ustedes asumir esta responsabilidad, ¿no?
Surely that is not something you want to take the responsibility for?
Corresponde a los políticos asumir sus responsabilidades.
It is up to the politicians to assume their responsibilities.
Irán tiene que asumir sus propias responsabilidades.
Iran must face up to its own responsibilities.
El peor riesgo es no asumir ningún riesgo.
The worst risk is to take no risks.
No debemos asumir una actitud hipócrita al respecto.
We must not be hypocritical about this.
Irán tiene que asumir sus propias responsabilidades.
Iran must face up to its own responsibilities.
No podemos asumir responsabilidades del desarrollo de Kosovo.
We cannot take responsibility for the development of Kosovo.
Tailandia tiene que asumir su responsabilidad.
Thailand must also take responsibility.
Cada uno debe asumir sus responsabilidades.
Everyone should assume their responsibilities.
¡Los países deberán asumir compromisos en Copenhague!
The States will have to commit themselves in Copenhagen!
El Parlamento Europeo va a asumir sus responsabilidades.
The European Parliament is going to assume its responsibilities.
Sencillamente hay que asumir esa realidad.
You simply have to face this fact.
No estamos negociando; no tenemos que asumir ningún compromiso.
We are not negotiating; we do not have to compromise.
Europa debería asumir un papel de coordinación.
Europe should provide a coordinating role.
Debemos asumir nuestra responsabilidad en este asunto.
We must shoulder our responsibilities in this matter.
Me refiero a asumir la responsabilidad del proceso.
By this I mean real ownership of the process.
¿Qué instituciones nos permitirán asumir esta diversidad?
What kind of institutions will enable us to assimilate these disparate nations?
Dicho esto, hoy podemos asumir dos posturas.
Having said that, we can adopt one of two attitudes today.
La televisión debe asumir su responsabilidad.
Television must take on its responsibility.
Nuestro Parlamento debe asumir su responsabilidad.
Our Parliament must assume its responsibility.
Corresponde ahora a este último asumir sus responsabilidades.
It is now up to the Parliament to shoulder its responsibilities.

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