Amigos Spanish School  

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Cusco, Peru
Students Referred: 3304
Instructions & Pricing
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
School Size: Small
Deposit or Fee: US $10.00

Individual Instruction
- Hourly Cost: US $8.00

Class Instruction
- Class Size: 2 to 4 students
- Hours per Week: 20
- Weekly Cost: US $Under 100
- Min. Weeks Study: 1

  • Live w/ Family
  • Share Apartment
  • Private Apartment
  • Internet at School

Excursions (included), Merengue, Salsa, Excursions (fees), Cooking, Dance lessons


Amigos is an umbrella that covers two important organizations; The Amigos Spanish School and The Amigos Foundation.

Unlike other schools, our aim is not just to teach you Spanish. We're also here to provide a future for disadvantaged children and young people in Cusco; Children and young people who otherwise would only have access to limited education and career opportunities.

Amigos is about symbiosis: that is, two distinct groups of people helping and growing from each other. You learn Spanish, and as a result, children and young people learn English.

Amigos While working as a Spanish teacher in Cuzco, Jesús Napancca often saw many children working on the streets. He was sad to see that life was just the same for these children as it was for him as a child. He realized that a lack of skills, especially in English, was severely limiting these children's opportunities. In 1998, Jesús befriended two children (Sergio & John) and began to teach them English for free. Seeing how helpful these classes were to Sergio and John, Jesús began to make plans to create a school through a foundation to help more children. This foundation would be financed through the proceeds of a Spanish School, which would provide Spanish classes to foreigners.

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